two women with a pram cover

we help your baby sleep

Our pushchair sleepers help to create a darkened environment to encourage your baby to fall asleep.

close up of pram cover

protects from the sun & keeps bugs away

Not just for sleeping - our covers are UPF 50+ rated, protecting against 98%+ of UVA and UVB rays.

women with a child and a pram cover

take naps to-go

A nap routine doesn't need to mean house arrest. Take your baby's naps with you to get coffee, see friends, or just to get a breath of fresh air.

pushchair sleepers

open pram cover with baby inside
Mother and child next to a baby sleeping in a pram with a pram cover on

all about baby sleep

What are wake windows? What are positive sleep associations? What are sleep regressions? We're here to help!

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manufactured in the U.K.

Sewn locally in small batches.

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made from recycled materials.

Composed of recycled materials carefully sourced from Portugal and Greece.

conceived by a mother

Founded by a mother of two with an aim to make life easier and more stylish for parents.