about us

coperi founder with her baby and a pram cover

Hello and welcome to coperi!

Started in 2022 by a mother who wanted to keep her baby on a sleep schedule while out and about, our aim is to free caregivers from the restraints of the house while facilitating their child’s naps. We know the importance of finding a balance between maintaining a consistent routine for your baby, and having the freedom to create time for yourself. We want you to get outside, see your friends, and enjoy a mid-afternoon coffee and cake untethered by fears of disrupting your baby’s sleep. 

With this goal in mind and with over ten years of experience working in the fashion industry as a textile developer, we set to work to create a product that is not only practical and safe, but also fun and distinctive.

And so, our pram cover was born. Made from three layers of breathable mesh, our UPF 50+ sun and sleep pram cover helps to block out light and distractions to enable your child to fall and stay asleep more easily. The central flap and zippable mesh window allows you to check on your baby while they are sleeping, and gives them a window to the world when they are awake.

Our cover also provides sun protection, blocking out 98%+ of UVA and UVB rays as well as helping to keep bugs at bay, so we help to keep your baby safe as well as snoozing <3