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Pram Sun and Sleep Cover - Classic Black

Pram Sun and Sleep Cover - Classic Black

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Need to take your baby's nap to-go? Want to protect your child from the sun while on holiday?

We've got you covered with our UPF 50+ sleep and sun pram covers designed to protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays and to provide a darkened, distraction-free snooze zone.

We know that life can't always stop for three naps a day which is why we aim to provide flexibility for caregivers while helping them maintain their baby's all important sleep schedule.

Just pop the cover over your pram to provide a positive sleep association for your child to help signal to them that it's time for a nap while you are out and about.

Our cover also provides the highest possible sun protection, blocking 98%+ of UVA and UVB rays so it can also be used to provide protection from sun (and insects).

Roll up the front panel to check on your baby while they are sleeping, or unzip the mesh window to let them see out into to the world while protecting them from the sun's rays.

All of our covers are made in the UK using sustainable materials.


Its universal design also allows it to fit most standard pushchairs, prams & buggies, with an elasticated trim band and six adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit across different stroller styles. Please see our "how to fit" section to see how to properly and safely affix the sleeper to your pram.


Exterior: 100% polyester

Lining: 100% recycled polyester

Safety Notes

Do not use in excessive heat

Use only under adult supervision, do not leave child unattended.

Check on the child regularly while using to make sure that they are not overheating.

Please be sure that any straps not in use are untucked outside of the interior of the pram to avoid any danger of strangulation.

In the interest of safety, do not use this cover indoors or when stationary in warm still air.

The UPF 50+ rating does not apply to the single layer mesh window, so keep your eyes on the sun when it's open!

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