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Sleep Hygiene, what is it and how can it help your baby?

 This week, our blog is being taken over by Jessica Boreham - The Sleepy Avocado, a Winchester-based sleep consultant. Jessica's approach is gentle and responsive, and she can provide support remotely to wherever you may be! 

Sleep Hygiene encompasses the environmental set-up for your baby's sleep and also the healthy habits you create around it. By enforcing good sleep hygiene you’re giving your baby the best possible chance of having good, restorative sleep.

 When your baby is sleeping in their cot you can do the following to set them up for a winning snooze.

● Set their room temperature to between 16-20 degrees

● Ensure they’re wearing the right number of layers

● Keep their cot free of toys, mobiles etc.

● Use white noise to drown out other distractions

● Use blackout blinds

● Only use red or warm coloured lights. Do not use anything with a blue light

● Prepare their room before naps and bedtime rather than getting it ready around them

 When you’re napping your baby out and about you can still use your white noise and sleep covers to create that dark, cosy space for them to fall asleep.

 Babies thrive in a balanced routine that ensures they’re getting the right, age appropriate amount of sleep during each day and night. The two regularly come hand in hand and parents often find by working on what’s going on during the day can often lead to dramatic improvements at night.

 Once your baby is in a routine using sleep cues (such as white noise, a darkened space, offering their dummy) can all help prepare your baby to sleep.

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