Two women with a sun cover and two small children

Why use a pram cover instead of a muslin?

What is so great about a pram cover? Why can't you just drape a muslin/ blanket/ random towel over your baby's pram to help snooze in the shade?

Well! There are a few reasons, and here they are:

1. SAFETY - the random muslin/ blanket/ towel etc that you drape over your baby's pram usually does not have much air permeability which allows air to flow freely between the outside and the inside of the pram. Our pram covers are made from three layers of mesh that allows air to flow in and out of the pram freely which is much safer for your child.

2. SUN PROTECTION - all of our covers are UPF 50+ which means that they offer the maximum protection that fabric can offer from the sun. A cotton muslin is likely to offer UPF 15 or less (the Cancer Foundation recommends that your clothing be at least UPF 30) and will therefore not provide the protection that your child needs to keep them shaded safely.

3. A BETTER SLEEP ENVIRONMENT - all of our covers are designed to offer the best sleep environment by providing a dark and distraction-free zone for them to snooze. Muslins often let light in and aren't fastened at the sides which doesn't provide the same signal to your child that it is time to sleep.

4. LESS OF A PAIN IN THE ASS IF THE WIND PICKS UP - all our covers can be safely secured to prams without fear that a gust of wind will blow them off. 

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