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70 SECOND QUESTIONS - Gentle Sleep with The Sleepy Avocado

This week, we talk to Jess at The Sleepy Avocado and asked as many questions as we could in 70 seconds. Jess is a gentle sleep consultant based in Winchester, but she can work remotely for anyone who needs her help!

Q: How long should a nap routine take?

A: A wind down nap routine should be about five minutes and then ideally take your little one around ten minutes to then go to sleep.

Q: Any advice to help babies sleep on the plane?

Watch wake windows and take any tools that you usually use like white noise, the comforter, the dummy, anything like that with you.

Q: What's the worst sleep advice you've ever heard?

A: Keep your baby awake as long as you can in the day so they'll sleep at night.

Q: Three words to describe a gentle sleep approach?

A: Supportive, kind, holistic

Q: What's the best age to try and get your baby to sleep through the night?

A: Between 6-9 months

Q: What's the worst sleep habit you've come across? Or thing that you've come across that parents do and you are just like, why?

A: I spoke to someone this week who has a nine month old and they are still napping him in the bassinet in the living room.

Q: Should you tackle night potty training at the same time as day potty training?

A: No, you should tackle day first usually between 20-30 weeks and then night will come when they're older, there's a hormone that needs to set in for night training to happen.

Q: What's the worst month for baby sleeping?

A: Four months

Q: And what's the worst calendar month?

A: The worst calendar month is November (in the UK) because of the lack of daylight

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